Duromine 30mg (30 Capsules)

Duromine 30mg (30 Capsules)
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Date Added: 05/11/2015

This is my 2nd time purchasing from this site. The pills work great!! I had tried everything before and nothing compares to the REAL duromine. I lost weight with my last purchase without exercising. This time I am going to exercise for maximum weight loss.

It is a bit pricey (I had to save up to buy them) but it is worth it. It suppresses your appetite so when you eat.....eat healthy. I had to remember to at least drink something because I wasn't hungry. I took a pill every other day because I found that I wasn't hungry anyway and also, that made my pills last a bit longer:).

My first purchase took a couple of days to arrive, but this time I had no option, so hopefully they get here soon, as I am on a mission to lose as much weight as I can before my birthday in 2 months.
by jamila fox
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